Paying Victim Restitution in a Theft Case

Paying Victim Restitution in a Theft Case – California Penal Code 484

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In theft cases, whether it’s Grand Theft of Petty Theft, there is an alleged victim.  Often times, the victim is claiming something was taken by the defendant whether it’s personal property, money, etc.


If you’re facing a theft charge, one way to help yourself receive a favorable offer from the judge or prosecutor is to preemptively pay the victim restitution in the amount alleged taken.  This is what is called “to make the victim whole.”


It’s not uncommon in theft cases to be caught red-handed or to have admitted to the crime.  By preemptively paying the victim restitution, you may give yourself leverage to allow for your attorney to negotiate a favorable plea bargain.


A favorable plea bargain may include, but not limited to, your entire case being dismissed, some of the counts to be dismissed, avoid jail time, etc.


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