California Penal Code 647(f) Defenses to Drunk in Public

14 March 2012

Orange County Public Intoxication Attorney

If you’re facing a public intoxication charge, there are many things to consider.  What I see most often is that people are unwilling to fight the charges.  They assume being drunk and being in public is enough for a conviction.

The police will make an arrest knowing most cases are not challenged despite the officer not having enough evidence to obtain a conviction.

It is important to know the elements of a public intoxication crime and how to fight it.  The key element is whether you were a risk to the safety of yourself or others.  There are many ways to combat the allegations like having witnesses, surveillance cameras, and one’s own recollection.

A public intoxication conviction is a misdemeanor on your criminal record that can result in fines and fees, probation, and many other punishments.

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