Consequences for Chemical Test Refusal for 2nd DUI

08 November 2014

Orange County DUI Defense Attorney


The punishment increases for a 2nd DUI conviction within 10 years of your first DUI conviction.  A refusal to take either a blood or breath test also increases the punishment you can face.


The punishment for not submitting to a blood or breath test on your 2nd DUI will result in:


  • 4 additional days in jail
  • 2 year driver license suspension without the ability to obtain a restricted license


The most severe punishment for a refusal on the 2nd DUI is possibly the strict 2-year driver license suspension.  The driver license suspension for a 2nd DUI is normally two years with the possibility of getting a restricted license after 90 days with the installation of an ignition interlock device.

The officer is required to clearly inform you that additional punishment will occur for a refusal.  Possible defenses may exist if the arresting officer intentionally used confusing language or their actions caused you to not perform the required chemical test.

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