Consequences for Chemical Test Refusal for 3rd DUI

08 November 2014

Orange County DUI Defense Attorney


The punishment increases for a 3rd DUI conviction within 10 years of two prior DUI convictions.  A refusal to take either a blood or breath test also increases the punishment you can face.


The punishment for not submitting to a blood or breath test on your 3rd DUI will result in:


  • 10 additional days in jail
  • 3 year driver license suspension without the ability to obtain a restricted license


Just like any DUI refusal, the driver license suspension does not allow for a restricted license.  This means a chemical test refusal on your 3rd DUI can result in three years of suspension.  Driving while on a suspended license can result in an additional misdemeanor.

The chemical test refusal does have to be proven.  Defenses may be available depending on the circumstances of the case.

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