The Consequences of a Felony Conviction

22 June 2013

A felony is the highest level of crime you can be charged with.  Anytime you’re being charged with a felony, your maximum punishment if convicted will be more than a year of imprisonment for each charge.

A felony conviction will also result in other consequences unrelated to being imprisoned.  If you are convicted of a felony, you will no longer be able to:

–       Vote

–       Own or possess a firearm

–       Participate in jury service

–       Hold public office position

Depending on the crime, a felony conviction can also result in a registration requirement to certain registries including:

–       Sex Offender

–       Drug Offender

–       Arson

–       Gang

There may also be immigration consequences if convicted of a felony.

Some crimes may be reduced to a misdemeanor, which will lighten your maximum possible sentence and will allow you to keep such rights as possessing a firearm.

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