Domestic Violence Restraining Order – Strategy For Success

07 November 2014

Orange County Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing Attorney


Whether you are the petitioner requesting a restraining order or the respondent defending against one, it is important to give yourself the best chance to win.


A domestic violence restraining order does show up on one’s record and it will require a restrained party to turn in any firearms in their possession.


A judge must deal with numerous cases on a daily basis.  Therefore, the judge may move faster than you had planned.  It is important to come prepared by having a concise and articulate argument.  It is also important to have your evidence organized and ready to be presented.


The judge is often times resistant to granting restraining orders because of the fact that it takes away certain rights afforded to a person.  Knowing this can be used to your advantage no matter what side you are on.

Having an attorney will help you focus in on your arguments and articulate the most critical points in your case.


If you are the petitioner, it will be important for you to show the judge that a restraining order will be the only solution to the problem.  More specifically, as the petitioner, you must show that the respondent’s behavior goes above and beyond what is allowed.


If you are the respondent, it is not necessarily required that you prove your innocence, but rather it’s important to show the Judge that the petitioner’s argument does not satisfy the burden of proof.


If you are involved in a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing, call the Law Offices of Nam Q. Doan | OC Legal Defense today at (714)248-3626.  I can represent you and help you win in court.  For more information, read the Domestic Violence Restraining Order section.