Driver License Suspension for Vandalism Conviction

03 June 2012

Orange County Vandalism Attorney

The punishment can be severe if you are convicted of vandalism in California.  The court can order you to jail, probation, fines, etc.  The court also has the ability to suspend your driver license.  They can do this even if driving was not involved.

Under California Vehicle Code 13202.6, the court can suspend your driver license upon a vandalism conviction for up to two years for anyone 13 years of age or older.

Having an attorney representing you will help in showing the court that a qualifying hardship applies that would allow you to keep your license from being suspended.

If you do not have a driver license, the court can impose a delay of the issuance of your license for a period of 1-3 years.  You will then be eligible to petition the court to modify the delay 12 months after the conviction.

Any subsequent vandalism convictions will result in your driver license being suspended for an additional year.

You also have the option of performing community service to shorten your suspension period.

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