DUI Refusal Can Result in 9 Month Class

14 June 2013

DUI Refusal Can Result in 9 Month Class – California Vehicle Code 23152

Orange County DUI Attorney

When you are stopped by the police and suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will have two options of either a breath test or blood test to measure the amount of alcohol in your system.

Remember that 0.08% is over the legal limit.

You are required to pick one of the options and submit to an alcohol test.  Failing to do so would be considered a refusal.  This mans that the police will not have any evidence of what your actual blood alcohol concentration was.  However, the refusal can be used as evidence against your guilt.

There are also penalties for refusing the required DUI test.  The DMV can require you to complete the 9-month AB1353 DUI program.  Your driver license will also be suspended for one year without the possibility of obtaining a restricted license.

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