Electronic Home Confinement Eligibility Requirements in Orange County

21 July 2011

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

I previously spoke about the advantages of obtaining electronic home confinement or house arrest if you are convicted of a crime.  However, not everyone is qualified.  Your criminal record and your current charged crime may disqualify you.  Generally, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department only allows low risk and non-violent applicants.

Other requirements include:

  • You must have been sentenced to Orange County Jail
  • Have a residence in Orange County
  • Have a telephone line in your home (not a cell phone).
  • Agree to their conditions

The cost of electronic home confinement is based on a sliding scale determined by your ability to pay.  The average can be anywhere from $15/day to $30/day, but depends on your ability to pay.

If you’re facing criminal charges, consult with an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense attorney.  At the Law Offices of Nam Q. Doan | OC Legal Defense, I will defend your rights and fight to dismiss your case.  Even if it is a losing case, I will fight to the very end and see to it that you get electronic home confinement if you’re qualified.  Call today at (714) 248-DOAN (3626) or visit www.OCLegalDefense.com for more information.


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