Fighting a Speeding Ticket from a Radar

29 June 2012

Cops oftentimes use radar to clock your speed and cite you with a speeding ticket.  There are a number of ways to challenge your speeding ticket if the cop used a radar gun.

In understanding your possible defenses, you must know that radar like any other technology is not perfect.  Cops will want you to believe it is perfect to encourage you not to fight the ticket.

The radar that the cops use does not transmit a narrow laser-like beam that can be pointed at one particular vehicle with 100% accuracy.  The radar beam is spread out making it susceptible to inaccuracy.

Since the angle of the beam is not narrow, the officer can be pointing the radar at your vehicle, but the radar may be picking up the speed of the vehicle next to you.  This possibility is increased if the vehicle next to you is a larger vehicle like a SUV.

This is just one way to attack the cop’s radar use.  You would have to question the cop’s knowledge on radar technology and his/her recollection on the traffic conditions.  You could strengthen your argument by bringing evidence such as witnesses to testify on your behalf.

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