Fighting your Ticket by Written Declaration

09 June 2011

Orange County Traffic Ticket Lawyer


One option in fighting a traffic ticket is to have a trial by written declaration.  A trial by written declaration refers to you challenging the cop by conducting your trial through a written form.  You will have to notify the court that instead of an in-person trial, you elect to have a trial by written declaration.  You will then write down your argument on the court form and mail it in.  The cops will receive your argument and respond through a written declaration of their own.

A benefit to challenging your ticket through a trial by declaration is that the cop is paid overtime for showing up to court, so they have an incentive to show up and put on their case against you.  They do not get any overtime pay for responding to your trial by declaration.  If they respond, the judge will look at both arguments and determine a verdict.  If the cop does not respond, your case will automatically be dismissed and you will have won your fight.

A benefit of doing a trial by declaration is that you get a second opportunity if you lose.  If the cop responds, and the judge determines that you are guilty, you can request a subsequent in-person trial.  The cop will then have to show up to court and put on the case or risk your ticket being dismissed.

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