Garden Grove Allows Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

21 July 2011

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries No Longer Banned in Garden Grove

Garden Grove City Council unanimously voted to regulate medicinal marijuana dispensaries as opposed to banning them altogether.  In a 5-0 vote, the city council determined to require the pot shops to register with the city.

Registration of a medical marijuana dispensary in Garden Grove would allow the city to keep track of who is running the business and whether they are in order with local zoning ordinances.

There are many positives that come out of this decision.  This decision eliminates the city’s 2008 ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.  Owners can operate their business without fear of violating a city ordinance.  This is also a step forward in the acceptance of the ability to sell medicinal marijuana.  The state of California made medicinal marijuana legal, but city ordinances banning the ability to sell made it difficult for patients and caretakers.

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