Governor Pardon Statistic under Gov. Jerry Brown

07 February 2013

It has been reported that Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 128 convicted criminals in 2012. This is a significant increase from 21 pardons in 2011. Most of the people that Governor Brown pardoned were convicted of drug or property crimes and released from prison or parole many years ago.

A Governor’s Pardon is often the only opportunity for people convicted of felonies to clean their criminal record. It can help a person convicted with a felony to find gainful employment as well as qualify for jobs they would not have been with a felony conviction. The pardon also restores certain rights taken away when convicted of a felon, like being able to own a gun.

There is no telling how many pardons will be granted in 2013, and having a Democrat as governor does not guarantee a better chance of receiving a pardon. Gov. Schwarzenegger pardoned 16 people during his time as Governor and Gov. Davis granted no pardons.

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