Importance of Recalling a Bench Warrant

04 February 2011

Orange County Bench Warrant Recall Attorney

If a bench warrant has been issued against you, it is important for you to get it recalled.  Often times the issuance of a bench warrant is the result of a failure to appear on a specified court date.

Recalling a bench warrant will be required before you handle your case or appearance in court.  Failing to do so can result in your arrest.

It is important to have an experienced attorney assist you in recalling the bench warrant because you may also be facing a failure to appear which can result in a misdemeanor on your record.

A bench warrant will show up on your record and potential employers may require you to clear it before they employ you.  You can also expect the sheriff department to show up at your doorsteps to try and arrest you.  The sooner you get your bench warrant recalled, the better.

If you have a bench warrant issued against you, I can recall it for you.  At the Law Offices of Nam Q. Doan | OC Legal Defense, I will recall your bench warrant and help you clear your name.  Call today at (714)248-DOAN(3626) and visit for more information.

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