Maximum Jail Time for Public Intoxication – PC 647(f)

30 September 2015


Orange County Public Intoxication Attorney


A common question that I get asked often by someone who was arrested for public intoxication is what is the maximum amount of jail time could they be facing.


Like many misdemeanors, public intoxication has a maximum jail sentence of six months of imprisonment in county jail.


However, most people arrested for being drunk in public will not be receiving the maximum six months. The amount of jail time someone will actually receive will depend on several factors.


The factors that could influence the amount of jail time includes the circumstances leading up to the arrest, the level of one’s intoxication, prior criminal record, whether there was any resistance during the arrest, whether you had any drugs, etc.


The most important factor in determining the amount of jail time is whether or not you are convicted of the public intoxication. Having an attorney can help you immensely in getting your charges dismissed.


Although still a misdemeanor, a public intoxication charge can be one of the more minor charges one could face. That allows the attorney to have a lot of room in negotiating with the prosecutor or to get a not guilty verdict at trial.


There are several defenses available to a public intoxication charge, and there are several mitigating factors (like good character references) to help secure a favorable result in a public intoxication case. Consulting with an attorney will help you maximize your chances of getting your case dismissed.


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