Possession of a Deadly Weapon

Orange County deadly weapon attorney

Under California Penal Code 12020, it is a crime to be in possession of an illegal or deadly weapon. The crime of possessing a deadly weapon is a wobbler. This means the prosecutor can charge this crime as a felony or a misdemeanor. A felony conviction can result in up to 3 years of imprisonment. A misdemeanor conviction can result in up to 1 year in jail.

Besides possessing an illegal or deadly weapon, it is also illegal under Penal Code 12020 to unlawfully:

  • Manufacture
  • Cause to be manufactured
  • Import
  • Keep for sale
  • Offer or expose for sale
  • Give
  • Lend

The penal code provides a long list of weapons that fall under this penal code, which can be found here. Being in possession of a something that can be used as a weapon is not enough, by itself, to be convicted of this crime. The prosecutor must prove you fit all required elements of the crime for the conviction.

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