Public Intoxication – Disorderly Conduct Arrest – California Penal Code 647(f)

08 November 2014

Orange County Public Intoxication Attorney



Being charged with public intoxication can be confusing to some people.  The crime is listed under California Penal Code 647(f).  It is commonly called public intoxication, drunk in public, disorderly conduct.  Whatever is written on the ticket, it all falls under the same crime.


A public intoxication is not an infraction.  It is always a misdemeanor, even if you were only cited and not taken to jail.  Don’t be surprised if you are also charged with resisting arrest under California Penal Code 148(a) because it is an easy crime to add onto a public intoxication charge.


If you are convicted of the public intoxication, the maximum possible penalty is 6 months in jail and heavy fines.  Your actual penalty will depend on the conduct involved, where you were arrested, and other factors such as your criminal history.


There are several defenses that are available to you if you are charged with being drunk in public.


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