Reducing a Public Intoxication to an Infraction

16 April 2013

A common scenario would be for a client to come into my office and facing a public intoxication charge after finding out a conviction will result in a misdemeanor.  The question asked is whether the public intoxication can be reduced to an infraction.

Public intoxication is strictly a misdemeanor crime.  It cannot be reduced to an infraction.  However, it still is possible to get your charges reduced to an infraction through negotiation with the prosecution.

The public intoxication case would be dismissed and a different infraction charge will be added to your case.  Usually the infraction charge added will be a disturbing the peace under Penal Code 415.  The end result would be an infraction that does not count against your criminal record.

If you are facing a public intoxication charge, it is important to have an experienced public intoxication attorney at your side fighting for you.

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